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To get you results.

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SUCCESS - For Premier, it’s not about dangling the carrot, it’s about defining the carrot by harvesting strong sales teams and a healthy and goal oriented work environment. We get to the root of the issues and create powerful incentives that grow our client’s sales and productivity straight to the top... Our carrot defines success!


Incentives dramatically 
increased individual performance by 27 percent.


Based on a comprehensive study on the link between incentives, motivation, and  performance in the workplace, conducted over the course of a year by The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives.



People will repeat behaviors for which they have been rewarded.

Recognition, rewards, and travel are among the most powerful because they are remembered longer than cash. 





Our programs are self-funding and continuously improved to maximize value.


A properly promoted program will enhance your bottom line and deliver true ROI. 

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